Retirement Income Planning

Are you ready to retire?
Not so fast….Have you considered these important factors?

  1. How active will you be after you retire?
    • Will you work part time? Is there something part time you want to do that your current career would have prepared you for? Would there be a possibility of staying on part time in your existing career? How much will you have to or want to work?
    • What are your goals for retirement? Do you want to travel or have special plans for your leisure time?
  2. How will your retirement affect those around you?
    • This decision will affect your family- what affect will your retirement have on family members?
    • What will your relationship be like with those who you worked with?
  3. How will retirement affect your financial situation?
    • Is full time retirement even possible?
    • What are the sources of income you can count on in retirement? What is the sustainability of those sources of income?
    • What is the backup plan should unforeseen factors come up and jeopardize your retirement plan?


Are you ready?
Take a few minutes to take our retirement planning questionnaire.

Retirement Planning Questionnaire